Movie Review: Carriers (2009)

Carriers is a mostly post-apoctolyptic movie about four survivors of an extremely deadly disease outbreak that has for all intents and purposes wiped out most of the country’s population, turning the survivors into very paranoid and desperate individuals.

It stars Chris Pine and Piper Perabo, who, while driving through some backroads come across Frank (Christopher Meloni) and his daughter. Frank is in need of gas for his SUV to drive his daughter to a school where there is promise of a new vaccine for her as she is infected with the virus. The group refuses to help initially, swerving around Frank’s SUV subsequently harming their own vehicle and returning to travel with Frank and his daughter, setting each of their fates into motion.

The movie is what I would mostly consider a character driven drama/thriller as it is not entirely horror film scary and very little action to call it an action adventure. There is a lot of exposition and has some pretty tense scenes. Ultimately, you might find yourself somewhat bored in stretches, but I was very drawn to what was happening on screne so I was very entertained during the 84 minute runtime.

My only gripe was some of the sub-par acting from some of the side characters and an ending that although fit in with the mood of the film, left me unsatisfied and seemed weak compared to the intense last few minutes before the ending scene. Also, despite the predictability of the movie, I found that I just enjoyed seeing what I thought might happen unfold. I also very much enjoyed Chris Pine’s character throughout and I really look forward to what he does in the future.

One last thing of note is the fact that the movie works even with a real lack of information about where and how the virus came to be. You are thrust right into the middle of the situation, told the rules on how they survive and you just watch the events unfold. The movie really kept me engaged no matter how aware I was that I knew what was about to happen.

Rating: 8/10


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