Movie Review: She’s Out of my League

From viewing the trailer to She’s Out of my League one could easily dismiss this charming little film as your normal run-of-the-mill boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl romantic comedies with stale characters. In many ways the movie rises above the trappings of the raunchy R rated rom coms, while still hitting many of the cliches of the genre.

She’s Out of my League stars Jay Baruchel as Kirk, an airport TSA who aspires to one day be a pilot and suffering from the breakup with his ex-girlfriend Marnie, who also lives in the same house with Kirk and his family. Kirk meets Molly (Alice Eve), an event planner who leaves her iPhone at the security check in as she’s boarding her plane. Molly invites Kirk to one of her events to give the phone back and the two begin dating, much to the surprise of Kirk, who feels he’s not good enough for her. Kirk’s friends lead by Stainer (T.J. Miller) also don’t understand Molly’s attraction to Kirk, but do their best to offer him advice to help him acclimate to their relationship.

She’s Out of my League is often laugh out loud funny without abandoning the comedy in favor of cringe inducing romance and sappy love speeches. Jay Baruchel is very likeable as the awkward clumsy leading man and is accompanied by the very funny T.J. Miller as his best friend. Nothing presented on the screen is beaking any new ground but does achieve the desired effect better than many movies like this have been able to.

The least effective element to the movie for me is the ex-girlfriend Marnie. She is often very uninteresting and treated like a very exaggerated cartoonish character, an example being the slapstic finale as Marnie chases Kirk around the airport.

Overall, She’s Out of my League was much funnier and charming than I ever would have imagined after first viewing the trailer. It doesn’t break any new ground and doesn’t reach the greatness lots of people expect from sleeper comedy hits but is definitely a comedic underdog of sorts in the genre. Definitely a safe choice if you’re looking for a consistently funny movie experience for your trip to the theaters.


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