Top 10 of 2010…so far (Through August 3, 2010)

This summer has been quite disappointing when it comes to thrilling and memorable blockbusters and the beginning of the year did much of the same. There haven’t been many “great” movies to pick from when it comes to making a list, but that doesn’t stop one from attempting to do so. Granted because there are not very many fantastic films to pick from, the top 5 being the ones that are no doubt movies not to miss the rest I don’t expect will be on the list by the time December 31st comes around. So dig on this top 10 list and maybe it’ll give you something to check out if you haven’t seen one yet. Also keep in mind that there are lots of movies that I personally just haven’t had the time to check out, so unfortunately I may still be missing some gems. One last note..I agonized on the order of 2 through 6 so the order of five are interchangeable because I love them all, k enjoy!

10 – Daybreakers – As mentioned before 2010 has been lacking in truly great films, and I happen to really enjoy a good vampire flick, especially one that doesn’t involve sparkling melodramatic emo vampires. That being said, Daybreakers is far from perfect, but offers some nice gore and an interesting concept, so I felt I should include at least one bloodsucker on the list.

9 – The Crazies – Another film not without its flaws, but much like the others I debated including on the list it had the potential to be a lot better than it ended up being. The Crazies does carry quite a few good performances its central characters while being a pretty fun, tense, and fast paced ride…it just wasn’t crazy enough though.

8 – The Wolfman – I imagined this being a pick that makes people roll their eyes and groan, but I really enjoyed this monster movie re-imagining. Sure like the two other movies above it has a lot of problems, and this is another I don’t expect to be on the list by the end of the year, but the moments the furry beast is on screen I had a grin on my face the whole time. It also offered just enough brutality to overcome some of the shortcomings.

7 – She’s Out of My League – This movie really surprised me when I went to see it in theaters. Sure it’s not on the par with Knocked Up, but even after it came out on DVD it still consistently keeps me laughing every time I watch it. The group of friends it focuses on outside of the main relationship are just a riot every time they get together in a scene.

6 – Shutter Island – To be honest, I REALLY had no interest in seeing Shutter Island when I first heard about it, and the little I watched of the trailer didn’t inspire a lot of confidence. As the release date grew closer my interest grew so I checked it out. At first I wasn’t exactly sure what I thought of it. I let it sit for a few days and as it all sunk in the movie really stuck with me. After I re-watched it on Blu Ray I was sure that I loved it, and it’s an entirely different experience a second time through, but gets better every time.

5 – Kick Ass – Another one I wasn’t sure how I felt at first. I knew that I had a lot of fun watching it, and there were a lot of really cool moments, but sometimes it just takes a few days to let it all sit in your mind. After a while reliving scenes in my head it all worked for me even if it is slow at times, it’s a lot of fun to watch and take in.

4 – Frozen – Those that have seen this or will see it can debate all day long on if they think the events in Frozen are believable or realistic, but to me it doesn’t matter, I LOVE this movie. Like most movies it takes some time to get going, but unlike most modern day horror/thrillers they don’t pack the punch Frozen does, or manage to be so tense and engaging. The trio of characters do a fantastic job of drawing us into the experience and feel what they are feeling, don’t miss it when it comes out on DVD September 28th.

3 – Toy Story 3 – What can you say that most people haven’t already heard about Toy Story 3. It packs a real emotional punch and is actually quite funny and exciting. I found that I enjoyed much more than the first two in the series, and would be satisfied if this was the last we saw of Woody and the gang.

2 – How To Train Your Dragon – Another one that really caught me by surprise, since I really hadn’t heard much about it when it was released. After it’s release I heard people saying good things about it but I had to see for myself and it was fantastic. It was twice as exciting as Toy Story and snuck in an emotional aspect as well that hit more than I thought an animated film could. It remains to be seen if it has the same effect on DVD, but I won’t care because it’s still a great movie.

1 – Inception – While the previous two films were exciting, they just weren’t a match for Inception. I haven’t felt so excited by the action on screen as well as the cerebral experience that comes along with it. Inception is smart, exciting and tense; and in my opinion will be the best film of the year.


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