Beer Review: Toppling Goliath PsuedoSue


Once upon a time a young man stared in wonder at the shelves of a liquor store. Shelves that contained an endless amount of beer for him to choose from. He often reached out and closed his fingers around the soft but somewhat sturdy cardboard that gave a little as it was lifted from its position. On the box the words ‘Bud Light’ gleamed like a beacon from heaven. The second the can was cracked open and the liquid touched his lips- he suddenly awoke from the nightmare of his own doing. That young man finally came to his senses and has now quite possibly tasted one of the most amazing beers he’s had since venturing into the craft beer universe.

It’s true that I’ve come a long way since the days of regularly buying and chugging the fizzy yellow water. At this point I’ve been able to try many of the beers I held high on my “Must Try” list and though Toppling Goliath only recently came into my life, I’ve crossed off another. Lots of hype surrounded PsuedoSue before I stumbled across it almost by accident. I traveled to Des Moines on a short road trip with my wife to sample some of the local flavors and the extensive menu at El Bait Shop offered a staggering amount of choices but the elusive Sue was not listed. I already knew that finding a bottle would be a fool’s endeavor but I asked the locals anyway. As it turns our asking was the best thing I could have done as my waitress overheard and informed me that she would go get me a glass- as Sue had just recently been tapped once again.

As my waitress brought me the glass the most amazing thing happened- I could smell this beer before she even stopped to set the beer down on the table. So much citrus aroma surrounded our table that my wife even commented about how amazing it smelled. Not being a beer lover herself, my lovely wife insisted to get a better smell of the beer before I devoured the whole glass and her eyes sold what I already knew- this was going to be an immaculate beer drinking experience. Surely something that smelled that good could not possibly disappoint on taste.

Before that though let me describe the color. As you can tell from the picture it has an amazing hazy gold appearance. Almost like a blend of pineapple, orange and any number of tropical fruits- giving it an orange juice type of profile. The first sip is something to really remember and there’s no going back- this beer is amazing. The taste is almost identical to the smell and given how potent and delicious it smelled I’m sure you can imagine that I was not at all disappointed.

My only disappointment is that I cannot have this beer in my life every single day. I do not exaggerate when I say I could drink this at any time of day in any given situation- in fact thinking about it now, I might get in trouble less not having it available at all times. A week after my trip to Des Moines Toppling Goliath made the trek from Decorah to Omaha for the Extreme Beerfest where they poured a number of beers, but closed it out with PsuedoSue. The line grew once it was tapped and rightfully so- I went back a half dozen times because I simple could not get enough.

It should go without saying that I often daydream about when I will see this heavenly beer again. When I do, rest assured it will not stay in my glass for long before I’m daydreaming once again. Seek this beer out at all costs.

Rating: A+


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