Beer Review: Frame the Butcher IPA by Kinkaider Brewing Company

 Growing in popularity in their home state and hailing from Broken Bow, Nebraska is Kinkaider Brewing Company. This micro brewery did something on April 1st that no other brewery in the state has attempted thus far. Bottling a beer, handing it to the distributor, in the hands of several retailers and in the glasses of fans across the state within hours of bottling- thanks in large part to House of Beers, their distributor. The bottling began at 12 a.m CST and this particular beer drinker had it in hand by 9 a.m. and in a glass to drink about an hour later. This sort of thing is common amongst some of the heavy hitters and whalez around the country, but a first here in Nebraska- particularly for a brewery several hours away from my stomping ground in Omaha.

Ok so big deal, right? Any brewery can make, distribute, and sell fresh beer- the real trick is making, distributing GREAT (even good) fresh beer. Luckily enough for anyone sipping this particular beverage, it’s quite good, maybe even quite great. The best way to describe what you’re getting when the beer is poured from their speak yet simple packaged bottles is a mild yet borderline refreshing IPA. The style itself contains a tapestry of hop bombs and bitter drain pours outside of the standbys and trade bait brands. Frame the Butcher doesn’t punch you in the face with any of its aroma or flavor, it settles you in and makes you feel right at home. As someone who tends to like an IPA’s aroma to be just slightly aggressive this beer does not hit that level, but it most definitely works for what Kinkaider is aiming for. 

Pouring a mild deep gold almost amber in color with a thin head (Note: subsequent bottles had slightly thicker foam, so this particular pour might have been a little dainty). Very mild subtle grapefruit notes pop through on the nose, some other slightly tropical tones are hidden in there somewhere as well. The body upon tasting comes across a little thin, almost session-esque but levels out over the course of the glass. Balance is key here as the beer oozes a complete and satisfying drinking experience. The bitterness is low, hop flavors are right where they need to be and the bready malt brings it all together finishing crisp and pleasantly bitter.

Weeks leading up to this beers debut in bottles many were convinced their plan of release was an April Fool’s joke, but there is nothing to joke about here. Kinkaider is quietly churning out some solid and technically well executed beers here in Nebraska and it may just be a matter of time before they start turning heads elsewhere. Frame the Butcher joins the ranks of great Nebraska IPAs if not placing itself very close to the top of that particular list.

Rating: B+


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