[Opinion] What’s So Great About ‘Shower Beer’

showerbeer_championbrewing_tgofshowerbeer_championbrewing_tgofShower beer. For some, that is a new and confusing term. Other’s its a relaxing escape from the stresses of everyday life. Ladies, you know how blissful it is to run a nice hot bath and sit back with some candles, maybe a nice glass of wine and just shut yourself off from the world. Shower beer, while arguably not as peaceful, rivals the other’s potential as a perfect way to unwind after a long hard day of adulting.

To clarify, neither activity is gender specific. Men and women alike can choose whatever path floats their boat. The question is–what is it about drinking a beer in the shower that makes it so damned satisfying? Then again, maybe you’ve done it and don’t see the appeal. Both sides can coexist believe it or not and whether you’re pro shower beer or have no idea what the draw is, neither of you are wrong.

On the pro side, surface level, there’s something freeing about being soapy and naked while drinking a beer without judgements–except your own if you catch a glimpse of your reflection in shiny silver shower knob. I’d have to have a whole lot more scientific experience in my background to give you any hard facts about whether or not it has any healing properties or other positive effects for the skin. From my perspective, it’s biggest draw is psychological at best and even that might be a stretch.

As beer drinkers we tend to spend out time drinking outside of sporting events, birthdays and of course…holidays. There’s generally plenty of people around us partaking in the activity and usually an end goal of building a sustainable and responsible buzz. In the shower, it’s almost like you’re breaking the rules. Something a little out of the ordinary. Now, unless you’re someone who spends an inordinate amount of time in the shower you’re not likely doing this to get that buzz–nor develop extremely unsightly pruned skin. Drinking in the shower at its basest level is just adding something a little taboo into a normal daily function.

Like I said before, I’d have had to have spent much more time in school and have a much fancier diploma to tell you anything other than drinking beer in the shower is wholly recreational. Beyond that I could theorize all day long about what is so great about it, so why not walk you, the ready, through what it’s like to crack open a cold one and go about your day.

Ideally, you’re not incorporating this into your ‘before work’ morning shower–nothing says “fired” quite like showing up to work in the morning with beer on your breath. No, this is an activity best left for the end of the day and the weekend. But let’s say you’ve pulled closed the shower curtain/door, started the water and are smack dab in the middle of your shower. Business as usual but this time you’ve cracked open a nice can or bottle of your favorite IPA (we can talk about style choice later)–maybe you’ve even made this even fancier by pouring into your favorite glass. The soap aroma is in the air and suddenly the beer aromatics have started to intermingle with the scent of your shampoo and body wash.

Depending on how long you’ve been letting your glass, can or bottle sit around in the cloud of steam you’ve been building up there’s bound to be a decent amount of condensation accumulating on the outside. When you bring that delicious beverage up for a sip the cold beads of water will dislodge from the side and find their way to your warm, wet skin. The thinking is likely that, that seems profoundly unpleasant–and you’d be wrong. Surprisingly, that jolt of cold makes the showering of hot water feel that much better and the cold last for a split second.


Now, what style of beer makes the perfect shower beer? Believe it or not, out there is a beer catered specifically for the shower beer crowd–brewed by a Swedish brewery. However, personal preference will trump anything I can recommend on my end. Being an IPA guy nothing quite hits the spot like the fruity and floral hop aromas filling the air as I spice up my shower routine. Perhaps you’re someone who indulges the occasional chocolate and your sweet tooth cannot be satisfied when the water and steam creates another mess to clean up. A nice chocolate milk stout could be the perfect counter. Maybe it’s Saturday and you’ve woke up in a particularly foul mood and are in need of a pick me up–not only might a little dose of booze do the trick, but perhaps a nice bit of caffeine in the form of a coffee stout or array of experimental coffee beers (IPAs and blondes have been popular coffee targets as of late) could turn that frown upside down. Maybe you just like simplicity or just are not a heavy craft beer drinker, no shame in cracking open your favorite pilsner or even a handy dandy PBR. The nice thing about shower beer is that there is no wrong way to shower beer–don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

There’s a popular saying that goes: “Don’t knock it until you try it.” It’s entirely possible that the next time you turn on the jets and step into the shower you’ll try the ‘shower beer’ trend and just not see what the big deal is. Still, you won’t know unless you give it a whirl. It’s also entirely possible that this is just the thing missing from your long days at the office or pre-game weekend ritual. Maybe you’ll get so into it you’ll go out and get real hardcore with it by getting a plastic lawn chair so you can sit down, kick back and take shower beer to the next level.

So what is so great about shower beer? The answer is hard to pinpoint. It just is…great. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You’re getting clean while also being a little dirty about it. You’re rinsing away all the bad while taking in some goodness. You’ll walk out smelling and feeling great–depending on how long you spend in there drinking your favorite beer. If you’re someone who takes nice long showers that wear out your hot water heater and leaves your skin looking like you could be admitted into an elderly home then perhaps it’s time to have a chat about moderation.

Truth is, drinking a beer in the shower just seems to stimulate a specific and small area in the pleasure center of the brain. Those who do not enjoy the simple pleasures of a shower beer are not wired incorrectly, it just doesn’t quite fit the same specifications of those who do. So next time you’re feeling a little down, disgruntled or inconvenienced by your daily routine perhaps a 12 ounce adult beverage is precisely what the doctor ordered–but not really…I’m not a doctor…I can’t stress that enough.


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