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A post that highlights one brewery and details their available beers as well as talking up any styles that I’ve tried

Annihilation And It Feels So Good + Game Night, Toppling Goliath Can Designs & Omaha Film Festival Kickoff Week

What’s on tap for today?

theendless_posterThe flu is the pits. Like anyone in the history of ever has ever really needed to justify that sentence. Yes, the flu and various other illnesses/concerns kept me down and out over the last couple of weeks hindering my ability (eh, at least my desire) to be productive. This in turn has assured that I would fall behind on a couple of movie reviews which got kicked down far enough to combine a number of goings on in the world of this busy dad.

Today’s update will take us through reviews of Alex Garland’s stellar sci-fi drama Annihilation and the surprisingly hilarious thrills of Game Night. After that I’ll dabble into the ever changing landscape of Toppling Goliath Brewing Company’s canned beers–including their badass can designs–before capping the post off to express the excitement behind what will be my first appearance at an Omaha Film Festival event as the fest kicks off this week. Let’s dig in, shall we? (more…)


2016 TGoF Summer Movie Predictions

Blockbuster season is upon us. Captain America Civil war is poised to kick that door down and rake in the cash. In the spirit of the season TGoF wants to get into the fun of predicting the top 10 money makers of the season. Keep reading to see my picks for the most successful movies of the summer and feel free to leave your choices in the comments! (more…)

What’s On Tap: Southern Tier Brewing Company


What’s On Tap is another new feature in which I will highlight a specific brewery, give some information about the brewery, list off some of their most popular beers and talk briefly about any of their beers that I’ve tried and how much I liked or disliked them. First on deck is the Southern Tier Brewing Company out of Lakewood, NY and is home to quite possibly my favorite beer of all time- at least currently.

Southern Tier was formed in 2002 and currently distributes beer to nearly half of the United States (still not available locally to me) as well as a selection of countries overseas. Their popularity continues to grow as demand for their beer expands and from my perspective the demand stems around their Fall seasonal release of their Imperial Pumking Ale. Pumking is one of their most popular and highly requested beers- so much so that in 2012 they brewed more of it than they did in 2010 and 2011 combined. It also happens to be my current obsession and what I’m calling quite possibly my favorite beer of all time. Southern Tier is not disturbed in my area as of yet, but I’ve traveled several hours just to get my hands on whatever beers I can find of theirs and plan on continuing to do so until I can just head down the street to my nearest grocery or liquor store.

Some of the staples include their 2xIPA, IPA and the 2xStout while their seasonal highlights include the aforementioned Pumking and the Blackwater Series releases Crème Brulee Stout and Chokolat.

Beers I’ve Tried
Imperial Pumking (Rating: A)
Oak Aged Unearthly IPA (Rating: B+)
Hoppe Pale Ale (Rating: B)
Crème Brulee Stout (Rating: B+)

Obviously I am still pretty new to Southern Tier in general, it of everything I’ve been able to try I have enjoyed them all. I chose this as the first brewery for What’s on Tap because it is currently the one I’m keeping my eyes on and am labeling as one of my favorites. Granted I still have some work to do to catch up with their many other releases, which I’m hoping I’m able to do should I take a road trip soon or the more ideal scenario comes to be and Southern Tier starts showing up at my local grocery store.

For anyone that frequents beer reviewing sites such as Rate Beer or Beer Advocate will notice that a good portion of their beer lineup is rated very high on both sites with the Pumking and Crème Brulee hitting at a 98 on Rate Beer while the Choklat clocks in at a perfect 100. If you’re looking to get your hands on any of their creations they have just recently integrated a beer finder to their website allowing you to search for any location selling Southern Tier products within 100 miles of the city/state/zip you choose.

Anyone looking to follow everything going on with Southern Tier can visit them online on their website, Facebook and Twitter, links below!

Southern Tier Brewing (Official Site)
Southern Tier Brewing (Facebook)
Southern Tier Brewing (Twitter)