40 days and 40 nights

Brew & View: Let’s Talk About…Sex


For this edition of Brew & View I was given inspiration from my better half and I sat down and thought about the best way to fuse the beer with the film and I was struck with inspiration of my own. For a beer from a brewing company by the name of Horny Goat it already seemed justified to find a movie at which sex and being horny were what the movie revolved around. However, then I was struck with the inspiration to take a look at it from two different perspectives- the light side of sex and the dark side.

Horny Goat’s Hopped Up N Horny invokes both the good and the bad of a beer lover- at least in my opinion. It’s a hoppy IPA that sells the bright side of a hoppy beer lover, however it kind of lacks the flavors that make them memorable to me- mix that with alcohol content and you have the dark side of a beer lover.

First up we have 40 DAYS 40 NIGHTS staring Josh Hartnett about a young man that decides he’s having too much sex and thus should give it up for lent, as one does. I saw this as a young man myself and at the time if I’m being honest I couldn’t relate to a character that’s having too much sex and considers that a problem- I recall thoughts of, “What sort of douche thought this thing up. Alas, I did find the movie pretty funny at the time and flash forward to current day I believe I even tried giving up beer for lent- though it didn’t last.

I dunno how many of you out there have ever given anything up for any amount of time that you’re addicted to or rely on to give you a euphoric feeling, but it can turn the best of people into a rambling lunatic with an incredibly short temper. It’s happened to me when I first gave up drinking lots of caffeine and its something depicted in 40 DAY 40 NIGHTS where the men that attempt to give up sex either turn into jittery hot messes or irritable perverts.

Not that I’m trying to insert any subliminal messages that beer is sex or anything, but seriously beer is sex. No not really, but my muse of a wife put the idea in my head and who am I to ignore inspiration no matter where it comes from. She might argue that if I put the time and effort into sex that I do now with beer I may not have been quite as lonely a teen as I was- then again I may have also ended up like the bloke in the next Brew & View pairing.

Next up is SHAME staring Michael Fassbender- the spiritual sequel to what I’m assuming Josh Hartnett’s would have been had Lent not put him on the path of righteousness. SHAME is about a man that quite simply is addicted to sex- so much so that it leads him down some deep and dark pathways. Unlike the previous film this has no hints to a feel good flick, although when you think of sex in a movie you might wonder how that could be. I’m here to tell you that SHAME is named thus for a reason and it’s not because Fassbender’s character is inspired by Lent.

The polar opposite to 40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS the film is everything dark about what its like to have an addiction to sex. One that affects your job, your day to day life and of course your personal relationships. If I’m allowed to be serious for a moment, it’s similar to most any addiction even alcohol in terms of the negative effects one suffers from addiction. SHAME really had an effect on me- not because I’m addicted to sex or anything else for that matter- but because the film is so well made and personal that connecting with Fassbender’s character was easy and the emotional journey is devasting because of it.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “buzzkill” and SHAME is nothing if not that- in spite of how well made and brilliantly acted it is. Have a few drinks with 40 DAY AND 40 NIGHTS and you’re bound to have a good time maybe even with your pants off. Have a few with SHAME and you’ll see those pants come up as fast as they went off- that or you’ll cry yourself to sleep lying on your bed in a fetal position.

If Hopped Up N Horny is the sponser for your Brew & View date night the hooves are bound to fall on the side of 40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS. Should you choose to make your date watch SHAME…well let’s just say I hope you’re stocked up on Lubriderm and Kleenex.