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[Beer Review] Red Velvet by Ballast Point Brewing Company

bpredvelvet_tgofThe dessert beer is a tricky tart to perfect. Of course, opinions vary and some will swig down just about anything based on a name regardless if the beer actually delivers on the flavors it promises. The perils are real though. Dessert beers can verge on sickly sweet to flat out not being able to cash in on its promises. Ballast Point’s Red Velvet falls somewhere in the middle.

This review focuses on the release of the six pack of 12 oz nitro bottles that were recently released. As the bottle promises the beer is nitrogenated and pours light pink and cascades beautifully leaving a deep red hued beer with a creamy, slightly pink head that resembles cream cheese frosting. The aroma is lacking quite a bit with muted notes of light malts, vanilla and hints of chocolate.

It’s worth noting that this beer is an golden oatmeal stout with chocolate and natural flavors added. So, in being a “golden stout” it allows for the intense red color from the beets to come through so vividly. Before moving into the taste it’s also worth noting that I have never had a beet in my entire life. Prior to this beer I’ve only ever even had one beer that utilized beets and it was a sour…three years ago, so there’s no way to rely on my ability to recognize the actual beet characteristics of the use in this particular beer. If you’re lost, let me explain. (more…)


Beer Review: Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Collaboration 12 Pack (Part 2)

I won’t spend a lot of time hyping up this post. Most likely if you’ve been to my blog before you’ve probably already read my part 1 review of this collaboration 12 pack and just want to see how it all wraps up in the end. And if you haven’t been to the blog before then I’d simply suggest heading over to the part 1 post anyway as I’ve listed reviewed the beers in the order I drank them- not that you need the background information in order to understand these reviews. Either way, here are six more reviews of beers contained within Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Collaboration 12 Pack!

beercamp_electricrayElectric Ray (India Pale Lager)
Collaboration Brewery: Ballast Point Brewing Company
Review: If it looks like an IPA, taste like an IPA it must be an IPA right? Apparently not if you’re Electric Ray, which according to the packaging is an IPL (India Pale Lager). I know right, potato patado- it’s hoppy and it’s amber/gold in color, it’s pretty much an IPA. Very thin head on the pour and smells a bit like old hops. Taste is quite bitter on the front end which screams IPA, but then the malt and smooth lager characteristics kick in on the back end. Easily one of the hoppiest offerings in the box which was quite welcome from some of the other ho hum offerings I started off with. And given how low my expectations were as I dug into the final six beers in the pack this was a much needed boost for me.   (more…)