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Brew & View: Watchmen


Born partially out of my worry about Zack Snyder’s upcoming MAN OF STEEL, I took to watching one of his previous films that I actually really liked- at least I did at the time of its release. I’ve never officially posted a review of WATCHMEN so this might seem too easy to come in now and talk negatively about something I never talked positively about previously. So before I get into my recent viewing of WATCHMEN I will say I loved it when it first came out, bought it the first day of its Blu-Ray release and watched it gleefully for the weeks after.

My love for it stemmed almost entirely around Jackie Earl Haley’s performance as Rorschach, the visual style Snyder brought to it and a a majority of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s scenes. A lot of time has passed since the last time I watched and enjoyed WATCHMEN until recently I sat down to watch it and found plenty of the film still enjoyable, but also so much that has not aged well since then. The biggest flaw I’ve seen that I hope is not a trend with Snyder’s films since I have high hopes for MAN OF STEEL is he just lacks the ability to get great performances from all of his actors. Aside from Haley and Morgan and maybe Billy Crudup everyone else is mostly terrible. Even if they are intentionally so due to it being a graphic novel adaptation, but honestly even on that level the characters feel much weaker than I remembered.

Beer Pairing: Empyrean Brewing Company’s Watch Man IPA

Empyrean’s Watch Man IPA obviously has the shameless name connection going for it, but as with most IPA’s they aren’t for everyone, which more than explains Zack Snyder’s WATCHMEN. Also much like the film Empyrean’s IPA is quite tasty at first, but eventually the taste kind of fades away and I’m left wondering how much I really enjoyed to begin with.

I don’t want it to sound too much like a diss because honestly this won’t be the last time I sit to watch WATCHMEN and I certainly expect that I will enjoy my fair share of the Watch Man IPA in the future. The point I’m trying to make is that every now and again there are things that you remember fondly that dim with memory and experiences and don’t quite live up to your original perception- both are true with the picks of this edition of Brew & View.

For a beer that starts tasty and finishes a little less than so, it fits perfectly with WATCHMEN. Fans of the graphic novel almost always point to the differences in the endings between the film and the novel and usually always unfavorably so. Granted the ending in the film makes it a little more accessible, it is still pretty disappointing that Snyder didn’t feel like he could just go ahead and use the last act of the novel for his film since it does take place in an alternate timeline and all.

The similarities between this edition of Brew & View might be most evident in the name and the rest I might be stretching a bit, but I just couldn’t resist pairing the two. Neither stands up to better examples of the genre of movie or style of beer which would link the two in some way or another and honestly I can drink about anything and as far as craft beer goes the Watch Man IPA is very inoffensive to the taste buds while being a little less than satisfactory. However, anything that can provide a decent buzz and make whatever you’re watching that much better is nothing to be too down on.