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TGoF’s Year in Beer – 2014

IMG_5433Well, another stellar year of beer drinking is in the books. Four beer fests, several trades and a number of new breweries entering the market it’s entirely safe to say that I had my fill. So, with another 365 days in the rear view- well 325 if you include the 40 days of lent where I took a beer sabbatical- I thought it was time to reminisce on my highlights this year.

I won’t get into too much detail except to list of my favorite beers I was able to try for the first time this year. Maybe even highlight a local brewery to watch out for that opened in 2014. Either way, if you see something below you haven’t tried, it’s safe to say I’d recommend you finding a way to get it in your hands in the near future. Cheers to an equally fulfilling 2015! (more…)


Beer Review: Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Collaboration 12 Pack Review (Part 1)

beercamp_sierranevadaI like Sierra Nevada- but I do not get particularly excited about their beers. Given that they are pretty readily available throughout most of the United States their beers are not spectacularly hard to track down. That has never stopped me from enjoying their Pale Ale and Ruthless Rye IPA on a semi-regular basis. Sierra Nevada no doubt makes good beer- I’ve yet to be blown away by anything, but they make damn good beer. The last time I got excited about something Sierra Nevada put out was a 12 pack of four different IPAs they had worked on- the pack left a lot to be desired. Again, none of the beers were “bad,” but they were plain and uninspired- except for the Snow Wit, I did not care for that one much at all.

By now though I’m sure everyone familiar with craft beer has heard of their latest mixed 12 pack which has been making the rounds both as a packaged product and as a touring festival. The Sierra Nevada Beer Camp of 2014 this time has taken 12 different breweries to collaborate on 12 different beers- each brewery contributing a style and working with the folks at Sierra Nevada to create the mixed pack. These have been making the rounds long enough that I’m sure there’s been plenty of time for people to dig into the beers so that’s what I’m gonna talk about now- six at a time. (more…)

Great Nebraska Beer Fest Preview


This year (2013) will be the first year that I attend The Great Nebraska Beer Fest- which is actually only in its 5th year of existence. Honestly, it’s my first beer fest in general since changing the format of my little blog here over the last year. So to celebrate I decided to try to cover as much of the event as I possibly can, including this post which comes to you just a week before the event.

Naturally, the GNBF is a great way to taste a lot if Nebraska brewed beer and as someone who is originally from the Midwest and currently resides in Nebraska local beer is something I really like to support. That being said, there are a lot of visiting breweries that have my taste buds giddy with excitement and several that don’t currently distribute to the state. So, a week before the fest I wanted to profile just a few of the breweries and the beers that I’m looking forward to checking out while attending and hopefully being able to follow up after the event to share my thoughts on some of my favorite beers of the fest. (more…)