fast & furious

Brew & View: The Drunk and the Furious


The FAST/FURIOUS franchise has undergone a pretty drastic personality shift from its roots to where it currently stands. What started as a pretty straightforward flick about racing cars and daring thefts has morphed into what is essentially a superhero franchise where the characters have more pull to take down criminals and protect the wellbeing of the world than any military or police operation could. Nothing says this more than a scene in FAST & FURIOUS 6 (or FURIOUS 6) where a gun is pulled on a military official in order to let an international terrorist free with a device that has the potential to do serious harm to the world- simply to avoid the assumed eventual death of someone with no government ties or importance.

This is the type of plotting we’ve come to expect from the last two films in the series where the completley ludacris is embraced over substance- but to extremely entertaining results. So what does that have in common with my choice for the brew I’ve chosen for this post? Isn’t it obvious? The can literally says Furious. If I’m being honest I wanted to get out easy by picking a beer that shared nothing more in common with the movie than the name and in some ways that is the central conceit. As I talk though, as blasphemous as it will sound to people who are head over heals with Surly Brewing Company’s Furious, it too can be described as a beer that embraces its flashy hop taste and is delicious because.of it, but maybe doesn’t have the overall balance I kind of hoped it would.

This may seem kind of like a backhanded compliment to both the movie and the beer, but not really. Justin Lin is a director that knows how ridiculous his films have been- if not I worry for him. Surly’s beer is not disgusting in the least- quite the opposite in fact. I’ve had a few other of Surly’s offerings and they all have been quality beers and between Abrasive and Furious they bare a resemblence to FAST FIVE and FURIOUS 6 as being the biggest and most explosive of the bunch- and there certainly isn’t anything wrong with that.

The FURIOUS movies in theory do not resemble Furious the beer in any way shape or form except in my own way of marrying these two together so far. FURIOUS 6 in particular is an incredibly big and incredibly stupid action flick that’s a whole hell of a lot of fun to watch while Furious is an IPA that’s big in hop taste and I can’t- without deeming myself insane- call it incredibly stupid, but it is a whole hell of a lot of fun to drink.