mike omalley

Movie Review: A Good Marriage

agoodmarriage_posterOh boy where to start? I won’t beat around the bush here, A GOOD MARRIAGE is not a movie made for the big screen. In my opinion it’s not even a movie that should be released via the many On Demand platforms. This is essentially a made for TV flick- though one that’s slightly better than most. Stephen King has long been a well respected horror writer and it saddens me that King’s script, though quite good at times, feels so much less consequential than it could be. A GOOD MARRIAGE for all its promise essentially feels like it could have just as easily been a Lifetime movie.

The premise asks the audience to accept quite a bit pretty early one. Bob (Anthony LaPaglia) and Darcy (Joan Allen) are a happily married couple celebrating their 25th anniversary with friends and loved ones. Shortly thereafter When Bob leaves for a business trip Darcy goes in search of batteries for a remote only to find evidence that links her husband to a series of murders by a  serial killer who calls himself Beadie. Darcy is then thrust into a downward spiral fighting her own sanity and wondering how she could have been so blind to her husband’s dark secret for so long.